I recently posted an Instagram IGTV video on the proper way to Remove Your Gel Polish, without F*kn Up Your Nails and it seems to have been well received! That makes me sooo happy and shows me that my audience likes these kind of videos. If you saw it and commented, thank you. If you want to see it , Check out the Video, here: IGTV

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For those who prefer a physical way of learning (written), I’m breaking down the steps for you here. There are few ways to soak of gels, but this one is the easiest for DIY’ers. Start by setting up your TV or Video to watch for the next 30-45 minutes. This will help the time of soaking less painful. lol I just binged Good Girls on Netflix and it was sooo good!

First, The first thing to do is prep your workspace.  Be sure to work on a space that will not get ruined by acetone. (learned this lesson the hard way friends 😉, so learn from your girl ) Cover your space with an old towel to help with clean up. 

Next, Prepare your supplies – I’ve made a list of of everything you’ll need. Because of ‘Rona, I included everything so you shop all of it, on Amazon with prime free shipping… booyah! Just click the item name and it’ll take you directly to the item to shop, woohoo!

Okay now let’s begin-

  1. Use a nail file to gently ‘rough up’ the gel top coat.  The top coat is the hardest gel to dissolve, so roughing it up will help the acetone break it down faster.  Do not file, throught the gel color, best to stop at the top coat, so you dont risk filing too far and hit the nail plate. 
  2. Use an emolient hand creme or cuticle oil and coat the skin around your nails completely, avoiding the nail plate.  This will provide protection to your skin, from the acetone.  
  3. Pour a bit of acetone into a glass bowl – enough to cover finger nails only.
  4. place a towel over the top of the hand and bowl (this will prevent from breathing in the acetone during this process)
  5. place both hands under the towel, into the bowl and soak
  6. check the nails after 15 minutes.  
  7. wipe off any melted gel with a towel and if necessary, put back in the bowl for 5 more minutes.
  8. repeat until ALL gel has been melted off.

“DO NOT PICK, PEEL, PUSH OR FILE GEL OFF NAILS, it will F*k up your nails! “

– Tracylee


  • Once the gel is completely removed, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Gently file your nails in one direction- I only use a crystal nail file on natural nails, as it won’t damage nails and seals the layers of the nails together at the free edge. Over time your nails will get stronger at the free edge.
  • If you want to shorten the nails, use a nail clipper first, then use the crystal file to shape them.
  • Use a 3-way shiner-  These shiners, not only smooth the top layer of the nail plate, but the buffing action, stimulates the blood vessels under the nails to help promote healthy nail growth.  
  • Apply cuticle oil-  massage into the cuticle area for 10 seconds per nail, pushing it deep, to penetrate the skin for the deepest hydration. 
  • apply your favorite hand creme- hydrates the skin and give yourself a lil massage.

Voila, thats it! My easy peasy soak off method will leave your nail structure in tact, nourished and hydrated.

If you have any questions about gel removal, drop ’em in the comments below or DM me over on instagram @Luxebytracylee. I’m here for ya!

Til next time, keep shinin’,

xo Tracylee


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