How you Can Help Support Your Local Nail Professionals


First off, I’d like to say that I’m sending you all healing energy and good vibes, as I type. Thank you for Joining our little community today.

Rona has hit the health & the economy of our nation HARD. Mandatory shut downs has left so many people home & without income, including your local Nail Professionals.

Not all nail professionals work as an employee of a salon. Alot, like myself, are self employed with no employees and work as independent contractors, some rent salon space, some have home based businesses.  These ‘freelance’ nail pro’s would not be able to collect from the current unemployment or small business benefits being offered for Covid19 relief.  With no money coming in, most have little savings and no relief from the government, as of yet, this can be frightening financial times for some nail pro’s.  

If you’re a loyal customer and would like to support your local nail professional here are a few things you can do now, to help.

1) Buy a gift card for a friend, not yourself.

People are promoting to buy gift cards for their client’s future services. In theory this sounds like a good idea, but in reality it’s not.  The nail pro will have some cash now, but when business starts up again, everyone will be cashing in their gift cards, and will hurt the nail pro’s cash flow, then.  I recommend buying gift cards, but give them to friends, family, coworkers as a gift and introduction to your amazing nail professionals. This will help their cash flow now and later, by bringing in potential new clients when work starts up again. Win, Win, Win!

 2) Purchase retail from your local salon, not amazon.

Most salons sell retail products for you to maintain your nails at home. I’m coaching Salons & Nail Pro’s to put together at-home maintenance kits (with cuticle oil, hand creme,  nail treatments & remover) and gel removal kits for their clients. Some are even dropping off these kits on their clients door steps, to avoid shipping. This is a great way to support your nail pro/salon and get your nails through the rough spots. 

3) Continue to Tip.

For those that are financially able to, continuing to Tip your nail professional, is a great way to put a few bucks in their pocket.  Venmo & Zelle are easy and free for everyone to use. 

4) Support Techs Nationwide  

I created a Nail Professional Relief Fund donation page to directly support freelance, nail professionals who need it most, nationwide.  The goal would be to helps many nail professionals with a little cash to buy food, medicine or even gas for their car.  Click HERE for the link.

5) Reach out to your Nail Pro or Salon

Staying in communication with your nail pro is an easy way to put their mind at ease, show appreciation for what they do and will help support both of you. Sending a quick email or DM on social can make someones day.

Okay friends, If this was helpful for you, please take a screenshot and share on your social platforms. The more shares we get, the more help everyone will receive. Thank you and God Bless you all! x Tracylee


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