A month ago, I never would have thought our nation would have come to a complete halt. I myself am an indie, small business. A Self employed, freelance, Nail professional, that works with the general public. I voluntarily stopped working 4 weeks ago, to not only protect myself and my family, but to protect everyone around me. Here’s how it all went down…

Week 1- wasn’t too bad. I caught up on laundry, binge watched Good Girls on netflix and did a ton of home cookin’.  The virus impact wasn’t as substantial as it would soon become, a week later.

Week 2- I was stressed the F’ out.  I was losing sleep about not knowing how I would provide for my family. As many who will read this,  I’m a single mother, sole provider for my son, in a pay per service business. The thoughts that ran through my head and the anxiety through my body….  ugh!! 

Week 3- my son is now home schooling and I’m slowing getting over my panic hump and going into survival mode. I go over my banking, finances, take food inventory and start to prepare for what’s next. whatever ‘next’ may be.  Thankfully, I have savings and financial investments I can fall back on, if I need to. phew.

Currently- It’s at this point that I realized, what’s happening in the world, is happening. I can’t change any of it, but what I can change is how i react to it.  I knew this.. forgot this. I immediately realized this stress  I, yes I, was causing myself was doing me more harm than good.  My health is super important and I need to protect that, above all else. 

If you don’t already know, I’m also a Spiritual Healer and as a healer, I know and practice self care in my daily life, prior to now.  When you’re in panic mode, it’s easy to get yourself off track… I am human after all and you are too!  So friend, I’m here to tell you, DONT BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF!!! We all process things differently and in our own times.  

Fact is, It’s been proven that when you raise your vibration, your feel less stress, your body is healthier, mind is more focused and your spirit comes alive.

I started implementing a few things to raise my vibration, that I thought some of you may want to implement into your daily routine, to help reduce stress, so you can begin to be more productive and healthier in mind, body, spirit.  (when you’re ready for it, that is! ) 

  1. Meditate & Self Hypnosos– Guys I can’t even begin to tell you how these two things, has changed not only my busness, but my life!  Take 15 minutes every morning to meditate to calm the mind and 15 minutes in the evening for self hypnosis, to reprogram the mind. I practice self hypnosis, at night, right when I’m about to go to sleep.  When we sleep, that’s when our subconsious mind starts to work and self hypnosis can do a little reboot to our subconscious programming.
  2. Cleanse myself, my space & crystal work-  Using smudge sticks every morning and evening, instantly calms you mind, body, spirit but also cleanses your air, your space, your chakras and entire body.  I also starting working with my crystals throughout the day to provide protection, remove negativity and open my heart to love … the highest vibration there is.  Shop all kinds of Wellness & Woo at Patty Lou. 
  3. Eat healthy, live foods.  Processed foods, unhealthy snacks, are great for comfortiing us, but do mmore harm thatn good to our minds and body.  Drink Celery juice, eat greens & vegetables every day, You’ll feel 200 x’s better and build your immune system too.
  4. CBD –  I have to tell you, CBD is a life savor for me. I’ve been using it for many years for different things.  I’m currently using The Lord Jones Royal Oil.  1 dropper under my tongue, takes the edge off within minutes.  Tell them I sent ya 🙂  (**I’m not a doctor & recommend you all check with your own Doctor prior to taking.)
  5. Midday Dance Sesh-  Every day, stop everything, turn the music on blast and dance your ASS off! Moving your body, even for 10 minutes a day, will immediately raise your vibration and even make you feel a lil happier each day.  Dance gyms like Forward Space, (Forward_ _space) are holding a Free Dance class on Instagram LIVE everyday at 2:05pm. 

Okay friends, I hope you guys implement one or all of these things, to help raise your vibration.  If you do, let me know over on instagram @luxebytracylee So I can cheer you on!

If you have anything else to add to this list that has helped you, let us all know in the comments below, so we can all start doing!!  If any of you need help navigating things, feel free to email me tracylee@luxebytracylee.com . Hang in there guys, we are in this together, WE GOT THIS !!

xo Tracylee


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