There’s nothing more frustrating that having a perfect manicure, only to have to messed up days or even minutes later.  Ugh…!!  I know it’s so frustrating but not all, is always lost.  Here are my 3 hacks to fix your mani mishaps


MISHAP 1- Fix a freshly smudged nail right after polishing

This mishap requires immediate attention!  It’s as easy as using nail polish remover on your fingertip to smooth it. Do this by putting your pointer and middle fingertips tightly over the bottle opening of nail polish remover, and tip upside down a bit to wet the finger tips. (do this over the sink:) Then gently swipe the wet finger, where the smudge is, to smooth. You may need to do his a couple times til smooth depending how badly its smudged. Reapply your favorite fast dry top coat.

MISHAP 2- Fix sheet marks

Sheet marks on the nail polish happens when the polish isn’t completely dried before going to bed.  You’ll notice dents from the sheets the next morning. Fix sheet marks in he same manner above, by lightly wiping nail polish remover over the marks. A gentle touch is imperative. Then apply top coat.

  • Pro Tip- Prevent sheet marks by apply cuticle oil over your nail polish before going to sleep.

MISHAP 3- Fix a full-on chip, three days later

Fixing a full on chip is bit more difficult. If you have the polish color, smooth out the area that is chipped in the same manner above with remover, til there is no ridge. Reapply the nail polish in the chipped area only. Let that dry a couple minutes, then apply a coat of nail polish over the entire nail, and add top coat. If you don’t have the nail color, it’s easy to fix by adding a textured polish as a French tip, or paint over the entire nail.

Do you have a unique way to fix a fresh mani mishap?  let us know in the comments below.

Keep Shinin’ babes

xo Tracylee


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