Gym workouts have some obvious benefits, but the gym can wreak havoc on our hands & feet, if you don’t properly care for them after a good sweat sesh. But not to worry, we’ve chatted with 3 top beauty pro’s who shared with us their favorite post-workout essentials, they keep stashed in their gym bag, that will help us all feel hydrated & refreshed.

Francelle Daly, Makeup Artist & Ceo/Founder of LoveCraft Beauty.  
“My favorite workout right now is Soul Cycle. It’s a lot of fun, but doing pushups on the bike can make my hands really dry. My favorite post-workout essentials are CND Solar Oil, for my nails & Lamer ‘The Hand Treatment’ for my hands.  Sometime’s I’ll even use them both, pre-workout, for an extra dose of hydration.” @francelledaly
 Gina Edwards, Celebrity Manicurist. 
“My Post-workout essentials, include lavender water for my sweaty feet to freshen them, then I apply cuticle oil.” @ginaedwards_
 Felicia Walker Benson, Editor in Chief, This That Beauty .
“Post workout, my feet always need a little extra love. Yuni Rise & Chill, Cooling Body Gel is like a refreshing blast of energy. The aromatic blend of essential oils impart an immediate feeling of calm… aaahhhh!”  @thisthatbeauty
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