The Holiday season being my favorite time of year in the salon.  Not only was it a time of fun nail art & good holiday vibes but for most of my career, I also made a shit ton o’ money.

But it wasn’t always so great, oh no, sis.  My first holiday season in business, I had only been open for a couple months.  I had the shop decorated reeeeal cute, yummy snacks for my guests, I had holiday music pumpin’, but that’s about all I had…. 

You see…I had no idea what the f’ I was doing. Yeah I had clients coming in, I did a ton of nail art, sold some retail products here and there, but I had no structure in my business, no marketing strategy… nuthin.  So for me, that first holiday season was a big freakin’ BUST!

Since those humbling beginnings, I decided that at the end of every year, I would reflect on what I did right and what needed improvement in my business. After that business lesson, (no failures, only lessons) I knew there was more opportunity for my business during the holidays and I learned reeeeal quick that I needed to do things differently and to better market my services during the holidays, for long term gain.

To help you guys out this season, I decided to come up a few things you can do to capitalize on the Holiday hype, to not only help you retain guests but also make alot more moolah !  Can I get a HELL YEAH ?! okay, so here we go…

1) Raise your prices

Yep you heard me correctly… raise your prices babes and do it now! If you haven’t raised your prices in a few years (or ever) you’re losing money every. single. year. The cost of living, supplies, food, etc… everything goes up in value, so should your services. So before December hits, this is the perfect time to raise your prices because it’s the holiday season and the chances of your clients going anywhere now to try someone new,  are very slim. 

2) Maximize your guest experience 

Along with raising your prices it’s time to raise your service standards to justify that price increase. The days of the inexpensive,  in-and-out nail service needs to come to an end. It’s time to bring back the art of the luxury nail experience. 

3) Double down on Retail

When I had my salon, my retail sales paid my entire overhead. I sold everything from hair and nail products to boutique items. I know, I know… today we are trying to compete with Amazon, but the one thing Amazon doesn’t have, is you! You are the expert to educate your client on the benefits and ingredients of the products you’re using and recommend for them to use at home. Talk about the products, brag about them, rave about them and they will buy!

4) Pre-book appointments thru January

Whether your book is packed tight, right now or not this is a good time to get your clients in the habit of pre-booking during the holiday season. Tell your clients that your getting busy and want to make sure that they get in throughout the holiday season and to recommend pre-booking their appointments through January to secure their spot.

5) Ask for Reviews

With the influx of clients coming into the salon during the holiday season, this is a great time to ask them to give a review for you on Google or Yelp.  Your clients will be feeling all the good holiday vibes and will have be happy to oblige. You’ll be able to use the reviews to help market your business in 2020.

I go in deep on all of these topics in my Nail Streetz Academy coaching program. Registration for the Academy is currently closed, but opens soon- get on the waitlist here.  

So there ya go friends… Hope these tips help you to have a great holiday season in the salon. Let me know what works for you. Also, come say hi over on Instagram @luxebytracylee, can’t wait to connect with you!

xoxo, Tracylee


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