Do you dream about the nail business you’re ‘going’ to have someday?  Maybe you tell yourself-

“I’ll do it as soon as I get some free time” or

“One day I’ll grow my online presence for my business”. or maybe the fear and doubt make you feel stuck.

someday isn't coming nailstreetz

Hey listen…. I get it. These days, our plates are full with so much to do on the daily. Kids activities are driving you cuckoo, the never ending house chores, walking the dog, shopping, that laundry won’t do itself, spending time with family, friends our partners and now lets add on our business on top of aaaalll that. Phew chile… *wipes sweat off my brow- we truly are super heros, aren’t we??

The one thing that we really have to remember though, is that opportunities don’t come while we’re sitting around doing nothing, in our free time. Let’s be honest, do you want to be that lazy nail tech who just lies around looking cute, chillin’ at the house with snacks and Netflix, while other techs actively work on and grow their business, every spare minute they can? Can I get a HELL NOOOOO?!!! The world stops for no one, and in this race called life, it’s ultimately up to us if we finish strong or give up.  

Reality check:

I have never heard anyone procrastinate their way to success before and I doubt it’s going to change any time soon.  You’ll never be ready. You’ll never have more free time. Timing will never be just right. Fear will always be present when you need to step out of your comfort zone.  

Tough Love:

It’s time to get a grip on your yourself and your business, friends. Successful Pro’s don’t wait to take action on their business. Here’s some quick tips to get you started.

1- WRITE– write every single goal, desire & dream. This is a pen to paper exercise, guys, no phones or computers allowed. When you write things down on paper, you are in full focus on what you’re writing. What ever we put our attention on, increases it’s vibration and ultimately manifests. (one step to manifestation which we’ll talk about another day 🙂

2. CHOOSE– if you’re anything like me, you have a list of goals and dreams the size of Santa’s naughty girl list. But today, I want you to pick just one of those goals. One goal that you know you can achieve fairly quickly or pick one that will get you closer to dream job.

3. DEADLINE– make a deadline of how long it will take you to achieve that one goal. Write it on your calendar, post it notes in the bathroom,, ask a friend to be your accountability partner… whatever you need to do, to stick to it!

I go into full detail of goal setting, mindset and manifestation in the Nail Streetz Academy. The first of it’s kind, Business Membership Program for nail pro’s to help start, grow and create the career of their Dreams.’s gonna blow you away guys!

Doors open to the Nail Streetz Academy, soon so be sure to register for the VIP Wait list here.

Now babes…. it’s up to you. Take baby Steps. Take that blind leap of faith. Trust the process. Know that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and know that things have a way of working out as they’re supposed to, for every one of us.

My friends….Seize the opportunity to create your dream business, because as one saying goes, “Sometimes later, becomes never. Do it now.” You never know where your golden ticket to being the next big name in the Nail industry, will come from.

SOMEDAY is the abyss where dreams get lost. TODAY is the day, that turns future dreams, into your present reality.

Your dream business is right around the corner babes, SOMEDAY IS TODAY, now let’s get to work! 

xoxo Tracyleee


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