Being a nail pro is no walk in the park. Aside from excellent people skills, you need to be strong technically and have business know-how,  in order to be successful in 2019. A lot of people think that nail techs just sit and paint nails all day, but it’s sooo much more than that.

Truth is, Whether we are a freelancer, employee or chair renter, we are all business owners, responsible for our own success.  When we first start out, we’re all on cloud 9 thinking of the great nails we’re about to create. Then we find out reeeeal quickly there is so much more to this industry we never thought of! 

Here are the 5 extra jobs you didn’t know you’d have as a Nail Pro;

CFO (Chief Finance Officer): Nail pros run their own personal brand and their day-to-day activities that involve managing clients, retail sales and making sure that clients are happy. On top of all these, you’ll most likely be processing payments for your services, handling profit margins, budgeting and let’s not forget about investments and retirement.  

Writer: If you plan on using social media to get more clients and bookings, be sure to write captions that will grab your followers’ attention and will keep them engaged.  It takes more than a great photo these days to hold someone’s attention. Telling your own story within each post, is what sets you apart from everyone else, so come on boo, get the ‘word’ out! 

Photographer: Taking ‘great’ photos of your work is an integral part of growing your nail business. Finding the right lighting, filters and angles is no easy task, but it’s a great way to showcase your talents and market your services as a nail pro. 

Therapist:  As nail pro’s we are our client’s friends as well as their support network. Day in and day out, you’ll hear many stories (some happy, some not) from your clients regarding their job, their partner, or life in general. They will look to you for support and advice.  Sometimes we are the ONLY person, our clients can talk to about personal issues, this role is built on trust. 

Marketer: Clients don’t grow on trees. You need to find ways to get more clients in your chair, to ensure success in your business.  Marketing efforts are not only online these days, but also come within your local community, attending events and coming up with unique ways to stand out from the masses.

So for all of the newbie techs or wannabe techs out there;  this career is more than just creating the coolest nail art or the perfect C-curve.  Successful pro’s know how to run their nail BUSINESS, like a well oiled machine.  You can hire a coach or take part in group discussions around your niche to get insights in running a successful nail business.  

So to all of the She-EO Nail stylists who do more than paint nails, keep slayin’ !!  

xoxo Tracylee


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