A Letter from our Editor in Chief, Tracylee Percival


Hello Nail Gang!

Remember me???  I’m back from my hiatus and feeling aligned, focused and motivated AF! As today, starts the 4th quarter of the year, I thought this would be a good time to pop in and share thoughts on my hiatus, our new format, new programs and exciting things coming to Nail Streetz.com.

Most of you know my career as a Celebrity, Nail Artist working on photo shoots, ad campaigns, the fashion runways, on film/tv and the celebrity red carpets. But that is just one part of what my career consists of. In addition to overseeing this blog, I also consult for nail brands, salons and manicurists to help start their businesses or take their existing business to the next level. I have a handful of private clients I work with regularly. I also work as an energy healer and volunteer for cancer patients; I’m developing a product line and education program for nail pro’s, all while juggling my role as a single mom to a high school football player with a very demanding schedule. Man ‘o man, you’re girl is bizzzzzy!!

Although I have a Manager that handles a good portion of the business, most of the BTS work is done by myself and guys…. issalot to handle! Every day I was going in 7 different directions throughout the day and it soon became too much for me. Burnt out was an understatement. I basically stopped everything (except my freelance work) and took a long overdue break to decompress and re-evaluate things. 

You see, taking a break from your job and your dreams, to reboot your mind, body and spirit can be a scary thing to do. I thought… will I lose clients? will I lose followers? will the algorithms hide me so deep ya’ll won’t see me anymore, so I’ll have to start from scratch? When I sat back and realized that those thoughts are exactly what brought me to burn out, it was an easy decision to make.

During this time, I did a lot of inner work on my mindset and forced myself to take a step back from it all, in order to chill the f’ out. As a self motivated entrepreneur of 3 decades, and a Virgo to a T, this was no easy task. haha. It took a few weeks just to shake the stress of it all, but once i did, I was able to work from the inside out. I spent time with family and friends, I read a ton of books, I listened to podcasts, I worked on my home renovation, I worked on losing the 20 lbs I gained this year. I did some subconscious reprogramming with a ton of healing work, meditation and manifestation. I wrote in my gratitude journal daily. I hired another business coach.  I mapped out my BIG ideas on paper and worked on my plan to make it happen. (not alone this time)

business motivation

Fast forward to a few months later and Auntie’s back, more motivated and focused than ever before! I’ve hired some new team members to help me bring my dreams of serving you all on a whole ‘nother level, into reality. Praise be! 

First thing in Reboot, is this blog! It certainly has fallen by the wayside, sorry about that guys, but I have some great writers coming on board to bring you, some unique content on the regular. My new baby, the Nail Streetz Academy, will be launching in November. A platform like no other, so stay tuned for dates and details, you want to miss this!! Team Nail Streetz will be going on the road, to inspire and educate in a whole new way, near you.  A new Boutique that will offer merch, some the best products in the industry,  hand picked my myself and industry pro’s worldwide.  I also have a few other surprises to help serve my Tribe, planned for end of year and for 2020. (rubs hands together, in excitement) 

I just want to say thank you, for your continued support and if any of you are feeling overwhelmed and need a break…. TAKE IT!!! You’ll be a much better in business, a better partner, mother and overall a better YOU. Love you guys! And if you haven’t signed up yet to our newsletter, do so now!  You’ll have first dibs and insider intel on events, the academy launch and more, allll before it hits the general public.  

xo Tracylee



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