If you’re anything like us, glitter nails make you sooo happy!  The shiny, sparkle instantly lights up our eyes and warms our hearts….until it’s time to take it off, that is.  You rub, you scrub, maybe buff a little & rub some more and it STILL won’t budge. No worries, we have created 3 easy steps to make taking that ish off, a bit less stressful.

STEP 1 – Protect Your Skin

Coating your cuticle area and surrounding skin with cuticle oil or an emoilient hand creme does a couple things.

1. it protects your skin from the drying agents of nail polish remover.

2. it keeps the glitter from sticking to your skin as you rub it off

(This Eucerin creme is quite emoilient and works great!)

STEP 2 – Felt Is Your Friend

Pick up a sheet of felt at your local craft store. Michael’s Stores sells them for .39 cents a sheet, here.  Any color will do, pick what color makes you happy :).  Cut the felt into small squares, this will be used in place of cotton to remove your glitter. Cotton gets stuck to the glitter and makes the removal so messy and difficult!  Felt grabs onto the glitter tight for easier removal.  You’ll thank us later for this lil tip.

STEP 3 – Pure Acetone Only

For today’s glitter, only pure acetone will get the job done quickly.  Saturate your felt square with pure acetone.  Hold it onto the glitter nail and countdown 10 mississippi before rubbing. If needed, re-saturate with more acetone, hold onto nail for 10 again and rub off.

PRO TIP: Warming up the acetone will make it more effective.  Just put your bottle of acetone in a bowl of hot water to gently warm it up before using. 

See, that wasn’t hard, now was it?!  So easy, you’ll want to wear glitter more often, maybe.  Be sure to hydrate the nails immediately after with cuticle oiln(We love Dadi oil.) and a hydrating manicure.  You can also use a peelable basecoat like this one, to make the removal even easier next time!

If you try out these tips, we want to know! Comment below or tag us on our social feed @nailstreeetz    



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