Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with on an editorial photo shoot?  Our Q & A with Tracylee, gives us a little behind-the-scenes, insight into her photo shoot photographed by Dominick Sheldon, with new-model-on-the scene, Kai Gerber, for Interview Magazine.

What was the inspiration behind the shoot as a whole?

This was a fashion shoot, and they wanted Kai to have a cool girl/ skater vibe

How did the nail look(s) play into this idea?

I think the nail look is edgy and cool and helped pull the beauty look together . I painted 3 of her nails dark blue and left 2 nails bare of color, only using top coat.

Did you discuss nail ideas with Kai prior to the shoot or on the day of?

I discussed the nail idea I had with the photographer & stylist . When I mentioned my idea to Kai, she was excited to see how it would look.

What products did you use to get the look(s)?

I used Dior ‘Bond St’ (2011) on 3 nails and Dior top coat on the other 2.

What was your go-to product that made the nails perfect for that shoot?

Cuticle oil. The light was dark and shadowy, the oil gave the nails a super high shine in the dark light

How did the shoot end?

The last image was of Kai on top of the car, we were trying to catch the sunset behind her but the sun was setting quicker than expected. We just kept shooting, shooting and praying lol

Did Kai leave the set that day still wearing your nail look?

No!  She had an event to go to right from the shoot, so I took the look off and gave her a sheer pink nail color.

She’s super sweet and super professional for such a young girl. Loved her work ethic and kindness.

Check out the full Interview Magazine story here

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