Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with an Artist?  Our Q & A with Tracylee, gives us a little secret, behind-the-scenes, insight into her photo shoot with renowned Contemporary Artist, Marilyn Minter and her series on aging

What was the inspiration behind the series as a whole?

Marilyn had this idea to do a series of shoots with ladies of an older age, that hadn’t had any ‘work done’ on their face.  Natural Aging Beauties

How did the nail look(s) play into this idea?

The nails were very significant feature in this series. (as well as the makeup) I did both for all these shoots

What different nail ideas did you toss around first?

Marilyn had a clear vision to have red nails for every shoot in this series to compliment the red lips.  I had customized the red color to each of the models’ skin tone.

What products did you use to get the looks?

I used several red colors based on the models skin tone.  Dior Rouge, Smith & cult’s Lover’s Creep, Chanel Emblematique.

Did you use any interesting techniques?

Marilyn doesn’t like nails and makeup to look too perfect. So i try to make the makeup and nail look perfectly imperfect for her. The day with Michelle Lamy, i had to soak the fingers in peroxide and bleach to remove the henna dip from her fingers.  The henna did not remove from her nail, and marilyn loved that. I think that’s what makes this image so interesting (that and her gold grill 🙂

How did the day start?

Always a fun day to start with Marilyn.  We discussed the concept of the shoot, the model, and the look she was going for. Marilyn always had hot coffee and baked goods in the morning, her little photo shoot treat.


What was your go-to product that made the nails perfect for that shoot? Why?

This was a series of shoots that spanned several days. My go-to product was nail tips, which I used for some of the models to give a little length.

Share a funny/strange story that happened on set.

Funny story…. I not only do the nails for all Marilyn’s shoots, I also do the hair and makeup!   She loves how I do it and always requests it for her personal art projects!

How did the shoot end?

The shoot ends the same every time, Marilyn’s tight hugs and love from her small, but amazing crew 😊

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