Today’s nude nail polishes have a large range of color options, in pink, rose, beige, pinkie beige, pinkie rose beige, brown and mocha…. you get the idea. The modern nude has a warmer undertone and comes with offerings of opaque, semi opaque or sheer tints and is easily customized.  Finding the right shade for you, is daunting & a little trixy, but not to worry, we got you!

Some nude polish don’ts

Don’t wear a nude that is too dark for your skin tone. It’s can look a bit muddy.

Stay away from nudes that have a white undertone, they can look very ‘chalky’ on the nails

How do you extend the life of a nude mani?

Keep your nude manicure looking fresh and clean, by wiping with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol, to clean the surface.   Apply a clear coat every other day, to keep it looking shiny.

Tips for choosing the right nude for your complexion

Christian Louboutin ‘Tutulle’

Fair skin tones have a cool undertone, and should wear nudes that have a bit of pink in it. This will help balance out any redness in the skin.


Tom Ford ‘Toasted Sugar’

Medium skin tones start lean toward the warmer side of undertones, and should wear a nude with a beige or peach undertone. Keep clear of the yellow undertones that can accentuate this color in the skin.

Chanel ‘Particuliere’

Darker skin tones should stick with warm and darker tones, in taupes and mochas.



So, what do you think? Is nude, your nail style?

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