Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on a magazine photo shoot?  Our Q & A with Tracylee, gives us a little secret, behind-the-scenes, insight into her photo shoot with Caroline Reagan and their beautiful W Magazine jewelry feature.

image via W Magazine by Nadya Wasylko

What was the inspiration behind the shoot

The gorgeous Tiffany & Messika Jewelry was front and center, the inspiration for this shoot

How did the nail look play into this idea?

Jane Larkworthy had a vision for long, almond shaped talons to elongate the fingers.  We knew the model would be featuring the jewels on her hands so the nails were quite important element to this image.

What different nail ideas did you toss around first?

Different colors were discussed, pink, red, gray. We decided on blue and I suggested a frosty metallic one (frosts aren’t typically used for shoots).  Frosty textures are on trend and even though the actual color I used was a few years old, I felt it made this nail look, quite modern.

What products did you use to get the looks?

I had to give Caroline, nail tips to extend the length of her natural nails and create the almond shape that Jane was looking for.  I had shaped them a bit pointy at first and then rounded them softer.  I used Chanel Bel Argus & Nars Amarapura to create the nail color.

Did you use any interesting techniques?

I started out by layering the colors, then mixing them together. That didn’t give me the look I wanted.  I then polished one layer of the blue and while still wet, dropped the silver at the tip of the nail and gently blended the colors together.  Jane loved it, so this was the final look.

How did the day start?

The day started great, always great working with Jane and the team.  I worked with my friend Ben Skervin, who is an amazingly, talented hairstylist and it’s always a fun day together.   I had just met Lauren Parsons that day, she’s a cool girl, and did a beautiful job on Makeup.  We had other models that day too, (each doing their own story) so we were all quite busy.

What was your go-to product that made the nails perfect for that shoot?

I think my nail art brushes made it perfect as it allowed me to blend the colors perfectly to get the effect we were looking for.

How did the shoot end?

We actually wrapped earlier than expected.  Love when that happens. tl


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