One of the most talked about nail designs from Spring/Summer 2017 New York Fashion Week featured an element that made many onlookers ask, “But can I really wear that?” At the Rodarte show, longtime nail lead (and the brains behind Nail Streetz) Tracylee thought outside of the nail—literally. Coating nails in a sheer layer of Morgan Taylor New School nude, she focused her artistry on the surrounding skin, painting a thin line of Morgan Taylor Glitter & Gold along the outer edge of the nail bed. “I’m calling it a ‘gold chain detail’—it’s gold glitter polish around the nail, along the cuticle,” she says. “When [Rodarte designers] Laura and Kate Mulleavy saw [the design], they said it’s like jewelry for nails!” Beautiful, yes—but is it wearable?

image via Morgan Taylor

“To make the nail look last longer, you’ll need to prep the skin around the nail to remove any oil and surface debris before polishing,” Tracylee says. Use a lint-free wipe soaked in rubbing alcohol, and then wipe down the area not once, but twice to ensure it’s completely clean and free of oil. “This gives the glitter polish a clean surface to stick to,” she says.

image via tracylee backstage at rodarte

When seeking a glitter polish for this look, Tracylee says what you choose will determine the ultimate effect. “I wanted this particular design to look very thin and delicate, like a gold chain jewelry detail. To achieve that, I found that glitter polish containing smaller flakes works perfectly,” she says, suggesting Morgan Taylor’s range of glitter polishes as well as indie brand KBShimmer.

Finally, a nail look like this is all about managing expectations. The glitter design should last two to three days max, and avoiding cuticle oils, hand lotion and excessive hand-washing could help increase longevity. Of course, you can always touch up any glitter that has rubbed off rather than ditching the look altogether. Or, if polish on skin simply doesn’t appeal, Tracylee offers these alternatives: “Try striping tape or loose glitter applied with eyelash glue in lieu of polish!”

But, again: Is it wearable? “Yes!” Tracylee says emphatically. “This look is totally wearable. I tell my clients it’s something to rock for a night or weekend.”

image via Morgan Taylor




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