It’s that time of year when the leaves turn colors, the air gets cooler and our sandals are traded in for boots. This transition, doesn’t mean we have to neglect our feet til May, nope, nooo way.  Our feet take a beating, day in and day out, and we think they deserve a little TLC, all year-long, don’t you?

So we’re sharing our quick & easy, 5 steps to keeping your pedi perfect, til next Spring. Oh and there’s a fun giveaway too!

Let’s begin…

1) Soften: You’re a busy bee and don’t have time to soak your feet on the regular, so try softening skin in the shower. This helps to cleanse the nails and feet, as well as soften it all up down there.

2) Cut and File Nails: Be sparing with how much you cut your nails — you don’t want to cut them too short, that can create ingrown nails (ouch!). Also, push back the cuticle (pssst, it’s the dead skin attached to your nail plate *wink). Most of the cuticle will flake off because it’s dead skin, anything left over you can gently be removed with a cuticle nipper. Make sure not to cut the top layer of skin, the eponychium, (the band of skin you see around the base of the nail, it’s often mistaken as the cuticle). If you can get away with it, leave it to the pros and just file nails to your desired length and buff the tops of your nails smooth with a 3 way shiner.

3) Remove the Rough Stuff: Summer wreaks havoc on our feet —walking bare foot, open shoes…. they’re exposed to the elements, making our skin rougher and drier than any other time of year. To remove rough, calloused and dry skin, buff your feet with a foot file like the *Amopé PediPerfect Wet & Dry Recharageable Foot File. This tool will be your new bestie this winter, we promise! 

4) Keep Skin Hydrated: Moisturizing everyday is super important to keep you skin soft and smooth. Just slather your feet with creme, put on your socks and you’ll be hydrating them all day long!  We love Red Carpet Manicure Youth Creme for every day. Another trick is to apply cuticle oil, which will also help keep your toe nails flexible, cuticle hydrated and make your polish last longer.

5) Polish: Nails should be clean before you polish. You don’t want moisturizer to be trapped under your polish. Wipe clean with rubbing alcohol then, apply your base coat, polish and top coat but make sure you don’t have too heavy a hand. The heavier the polish, the longer it will take your nails to dry. If you don’t have the time or patience to polish your own toes, opt to go sans polish & buff nails to a shine, til your next salon visit.

We recommend you give your feet an at-home treat, in between your pro salon service, bi-weekly. Your feet (and your significant other) will Love you for it.

*amope’ sponsored post and all opinions are my own.


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