Green, the color of fresh and new. Gold, a vibrant rich shade. Rainbows, a beautiful sight after the storm has left us. The Irish certainly picked the best color scheme to celebrate one of their most popular holidays. These colors represent every Irish person, okay and a lot of non-­Irish persons too, on March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day.

Holidays like these remind us to have a little fun, and whether you choose to celebrate with beers and spirits in your best Leprechaun outfit, or quietly with a cute design on your finger, there is no detail too small. 


Maybe not a shade that screams chic, but let’s give it a chance and you may be a little surprised. Soft greens, like mint, seafoam or this gorgeous moss green color by Zoya, are shades that anyone can get behind and green is #hotrightnow


(photo credit; Zoya)


This nail polish color works not only for the holiday but is also one of the current trends for Spring. (more on that later!) This metallic gold leaf gel polish, by Vetro, will surely get people talking about your nails!


(photo credit; Jessie J, Instagram


One of nature’s most glamorous images. You might not find a pot gold at the end of one, but you can still marvel at it’s beauty. These rainbow tips I created using Dior, just might do the trick!

rainbow nails

(photo credit; Rayna Donatelli)

However you choose to celebrate, have fun and be safe!

Erin go bragh


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