Let’s be honest, winter isn’t your hand’s best friend. Taking down all those holiday decorations, the heated indoor air, the cold outside air and being stuffed into gloves a few times a day, it has probably started to take its toll on your digits…

The dry air is zapping the moisture from your skin, and probably leaving you with chapped or peeling nails and skin.  But alas, I have some solutions!!   


Nail Dryness (Chapping)

Healthy nails are hydrated nails and just like your skin, nails can also chap (term created by my friend Sheila Fredrikson) in this harsh weather.  Winter air zaps all moisture from your body, so as you already know, make sure to drink plenty of water to keep everything – even your nails – nice and hydrated. In addition, I recommend making cuticle oil or oil based nail balm, a regular part of your routine. Oil is one of the few products that can penetrate & hydrate the cuticle area completely before evaporating.

fredie girl cuticle & nail balm

One of my favorite winter tricks is giving my nails a “deep conditioning treatment.” Remove all your polish so that your nails are bare and natural. Pour a quarter of a cup of your favorite oil, (e.g. olive, grape seed, argon,vitamin e, almond, etc) into a bowl and soak your nails for 5 minutes.  Your entire nail area will absorb some of the oil, helping to hydrate and combat everyday moisture loss. Polish can dehydrate the nails, so best to buff shine after this treatment.


Keep your nails at an even temperature and don’t forget to put on gloves before you go outside into the cold to help protect your nails from the cold air. 


Stop Chipping and Peeling

Using a nail file properly is key to preventing chipping and peeling.  Always file in one direction and when possible, use a crystal nail file instead of a paper file to seal those nail layers up.

Priti NYC Crystal File is my FAVE!
       Priti makes nails Pretty! ($11)

Never buff the top of your natural nails with a block buffer or nail file ……EVER!  I see so many people doing this, and i always ask…..WHY???  Both of those tools are meant to buff nail enhancements (acrylic, gel, etc) NOT natural nails.  These tools, actually remove and damage the bond of delicate nail layers, causing chipping and peeling.  You can use a 3/4 way shiner or chamois. These smooth the top keratin layer and help stimulate healthy nail growth. 


Winter is about protecting your nails from the elements, so If you are going without polish, always wear a basecoat or nail treatment on the nails.



Dry, flaky, cracked skin…. soooo many people suffer with and it’s a problem that not only looks bad, but can actually be painful.  The elements of winter, dry out our skin quickly, and the key to keeping it all under control is not taking stock in hand creme…. It’s exfoliation! Using a great sugar scrub 2-3 times per week will help to remove dry, dead skin cells. You’ll find that your moisturizer will be able to do it’s job a little easier now that all that dead skin is gone.


Using a nail brush in the shower will remove dirt and germs from under your nails, they help remove dead skin from around your nails and will give a little stimulation to da beds… who doesn’t love a little bed stimulation

Bed Stimulation, yahoo!
Nail Bed Stimulator ($2.99)

Now go enjoy your smooth, healthy & great hands and a hot toddy in front of a hot fire. aaaahhhhhh


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