Lose weight, save money, eat healthier, stop biting your nails……Making resolutions are fun, empowering and inspire us to be a better, US.  Some aren’t so easy to keep, AmIRight?….2016 is the start of a new beginning,  a year of smarter choices and a year to up your nail game.  This is also a great time to stop bad Manicure habits and turn over a new leaf. I’ve put together a few promises to make to yourself for healthy & great looking manicure!

Turn back the ‘hands’ of Time

The skin on our hands is the thinnest of our entire body and shows the first signs of age. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin and stimulates cell regeneration for smoother and YOUNGER looking skin.  It’s important to remove the dead skin cells, so that your moisturizer can absorb and work properly.

2 Indulge in a Salon Pro 

We use and abuse our hands and feet, all day, every day. Say goodbye to the days of the 20 minute in-and-out service and let’s bring back the days of Mani/Pedi Luxury!  You deserve a luxurious treat with the best products, on the regular.  Skin feeling dry? Opt for a treatment with essential oils or a hydrating mask. Joints feeling the winter aches? Book yourself to a hot paraffin treatment.  Talk to your nail pro and ask for her recommendations.  Your hands and feet will thank you over and over and over again.

3 Try Something New

We all get in a nail color rut once in a while. As Loretta (aka Cher in Moonstruck) would say….  ‘Snap out of it!”.  If you’re a natural/neutral kinda gal, try this seasons new neutral, in a warm mauve or gray.  Can’t seem to find any more shades of black to wear? (guilty!) Give Berry or Plum a go.  Be sure to leave the new color on a couple of days to help get over the nail shock.  You might just find, you LOVE your new break-out nail color, if not, no worries…. it’s only temporary and you can just be proud that you stepped out of your comfort zone.

4 Remove your Gel Polish properly

One of the things I hear most is, ‘Gel polish ruined my nails!’  My first question is… ‘Did you peel them off?’  98% of the time, the answer is a resounding ‘YES’.  Peeling the gel off, is loads of fun I know, but it peels your own nail layers along with it. Nails don’t regenerate themselves and if you get gels bi-weekly and peel them off, it’s only a matter of time before your delicate, left over, nail layers scream at you in pain.   If you’re going wear gel polish, make a commitment to soak them off properly and completely, NO short cuts!

5 Oil up your Eponychiums

My Epo-what???  Your eponychium (ep-uhnik-ee-uh m) is the thin band of skin, at the base of your finger (and toe)nails, that is typically mistaken as the cuticle.  (We’ll discuss more eponychium details at a later date).  The eponychium protects the body from harmful germs entering the body, but it also is a little UPS delivery service to your nail plate.  Cuticle oil or an oil base nail products, penetrates quickly to not only hydrate the eponychium (and cuticle) but the nail plate too, leaving nails flexible and more resistant to breaking. Oil your epo’s up all day, every day!

Try one, try all… Resolutions are fun to get us motivated to do better each year!  One of MY 2016 goals is to start and grow this site!  I’m so excited to share what 25 years and my passion for this business has given me. Check back often, because I have A LOT of fun things planned including a lil inside look into the life of a celebrity manicurist.

What’s your favorite nail resolution???



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